Meeting STMicroelectronics to imagine a Smart Schoolbag

I would like to make FuturiX: a schoolbag of the future. I’m lucky, I was invited to STMicroelectronics in Grenoble to think about it. STMicroelectronics manufactures miniature electronic components (that is why they are called micro!) that are found in all devices of everyday life: computers, telephones, refrigerators, cars, tablets… And why not soon in a schoolbag? Continue reading “Meeting STMicroelectronics to imagine a Smart Schoolbag”

The creation of the Mysterious Cartable

At first I wanted to make an escape room in my school library to encourage children to read. But the teachers hesitated a little. And I was impatient. I wanted to move on.

I did not stop making plans in drawing or using LEGO bricks. So I started with what I had, that is to say my old schoolbag (in French a Cartable means Schoolbag), and I transformed it. Sometimes when your plan does not work, start with what you have. It seems that this happens often.
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