EdTech France has found its Unicorn-Mascot !

Friday I went to Paris, during the event of EdTechLab, to meet Rémy Challe, the Director of EdTech France. ED is for education. Tech is for technology. And France? Let me guess, it’s for… France 🙂 !This brings together entrepreneurs who imagine projects for education. For example for children. Basically, it’s for me!

I introduced The Mysterious Cartable to Rémy and Sharon Sofer from start up for kids and other participants. There were also masters and mistresses, like Sandrine, who gave me advice to imagine new puzzles.

And I became the mascot-Unicorn of EdTech France! I like it a lot. For adults, a Unicorn is a business that works well. For me, this is still my favorite imaginary animal!

Thank you Remy 🙂

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