I tinker therefore I am

“I tinker therefore I am” : Here is Lili’s TEDx talk. She is 10 years old, is in fifth grade and lives in Savoy, France. In 2018, she created The Mysterious Cartable, the first binder transformed into an Escape game. The idea: make homework fun!
She spends time in fablab, meets Maped, STMicroelectronics, goes to Station F with the Winning Girls, becomes the mascot of Edtech France… Then wins prizes in France and abroad (Maker Faire, Serious Play, Reimagine Education etc.). She tells of her adventure – and her passion for DIY – here!

The Mysterious Cartables’ Collection

Initially I made one Mysterious Cartable, but I have other ideas. So I’m going to imagine a whole collection. For example, I think about:

  • The “C”: For Cartable (in French it means Schoolbag). It is the first one I created. It’s a schoolbag with padlocks, objects and it’s based on my fourth grade curriculum.
  • FuturiX: the schoolbag of the future: it’s a binder with strange electronic objects and gadgets.
  • Oh my dog! : It’s a schoolbag where everything is in English, because my school is bilingual.
  • KonfisKator: it’s a schoolbag to play with parents. Because parents also have to do their homework!
  • The Attic Genius:  it is an old schoolbag from ancient times, found in the attic of the grandparents during the holidays.

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