Maker Faire in Paris

Saturday I presented my project at the Maker Faire in Paris, at the Cité des Sciences. There were people with funny and strange ideas, robots, artists. I’ll tell you a little bit…
First a Maker:  what is it? It’s an event where the makers come: people who invent and make things of all kinds. Heaven for me! What I preferred:

1. TAPIGAMI Tape City. It is an artist who makes works in… tape. There was even a workshop to learn how to make it. And anyone can contribute to the giant project.

2. The race of… Sanders! We were wondering what was so loud. There was a circuit with funny cars. In fact they were sanders, to tinker. It’s so funny.

3. Make a presentation… in a barn! I told children and adults about my project. But it’s a pity the children did not dare to ask questions. The adults stayed to play the binder. Finally, the grown-ups like to do Homework

4. Win a Maker of Merit! I had a surprise! Bertrand, the director of Maker Faire, presented me with a “maker of merit” award for my project. Super proud! Thank you makers!


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