Meeting STMicroelectronics to imagine a Smart Schoolbag

I would like to make FuturiX: a schoolbag of the future. I’m lucky, I was invited to STMicroelectronics in Grenoble to think about it. STMicroelectronics manufactures miniature electronic components (that is why they are called micro!) that are found in all devices of everyday life: computers, telephones, refrigerators, cars, tablets… And why not soon in a schoolbag?I met Thierry Fensch, Director of innovation and collaborations, to imagine how to create FuturiX. For example, you could put voice or motion sensors in order for the satchel to recognize its owner. That would be funny, wouldn’t it? Okay, now I have to learn seriously to code…

And then I visited the showroom where the inventions are presented. Maybe someday we’ll see FuturiX?

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