Playtest at MAPED

The problem is that I started to have many other ideas for other Mysterious Cartables. But I did not have enough school supplies.

So I went to Annecy to meet MAPED company. MAPED makes school supplies for students around the world: pens, rulers, slates, erasers, scissors…

My favorite part is Croc-Croc, the rabbit-shaped pencil sharpener!

I played The Mysterious Cartable with 5 MAPED directors including Philippe Freychat, the R & D director. R & D means Research and Development. He imagines the new products. It’s a job in which you have to be very curious. I think I would like it!

The Mysterious Cartable pleased them a lot, even if they had trouble solving everything 🙂

So, they gave me plenty of school supplies to imagine my new binders. Thank you MAPED!


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