Serious Play Conference – Montreal

Friday I presented the Mysterious Cartable at Serious Play Montreal. It’s a conference for researchers and game designers: only (not only serious) game experts ! I was a little nervous. I explained how I got the idea of ​​the Mysterious Schoolbag with all the steps.
I kept my notes because it was the longest presentation I have ever done: 45 minutes! And also, it was in English !!! This is the first time I have presented in English. It was a bit difficult. But the audience was super nice. They encouraged me. And in the end I had a lot of questions. And I had the game tested at the end. No way to stop them from playing :-)!

I also played the Mysterious Cartable to the jury that awards the best games. The judges loved it a lot. They gave me ideas. For example: how to give the player extra time, rather than a clue. I can not wait to know more …

And then … I tasted poutine and all the Montreal cakes. Yum!

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