The creation of the Mysterious Cartable

At first I wanted to make an escape room in my school library to encourage children to read. But the teachers hesitated a little. And I was impatient. I wanted to move on.

I did not stop making plans in drawing or using LEGO bricks. So I started with what I had, that is to say my old schoolbag (in French a Cartable means Schoolbag), and I transformed it. Sometimes when your plan does not work, start with what you have. It seems that this happens often.
So I cut, tinkered … I imagined a starting story to interest the players. I did this at my grandparents’ house with my cousins ​​during the holidays. It kept raining which gave me time. A lot. And the Mysterious Cartable was born!

When I came back from the holidays, I introduced him to the teachers. It pleased them. We did a schedule to get the students to play. Everyone liked it!

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