The idea

The Mysterious Cartable (in French a Cartable is a schoolbag)


My name is Lili, I am French. I’m 9 years old and I’m in fourth grade. I like to read stories and play games like escape rooms. You know that? This is a room you have to leave in less than an hour by finding clues…


I also like to imagine games. I think we can make a lot of fun things by playing. What I don’t like is doing my homework. So I thought, what if I turned the homework into a game? What if I turned my backpack into an escape game? It’s the mysterious cartable: the only escape game in a school backpack.


Imagine: It’s the end of the day, after school you’re going to play in the park with your friends. And then it’s time to go home. But a backpack is left alone. You want to bring it back to its owner. For that, it should be opened. But there is a padlock on it and you need a code… How to do it?

There, you’ll have to think, find clues to open the backpack, the workbook, the school kit etc. And finally, if you can do all this by using the school supplies and the strange objects that I collect in my backpack, it is that you have already understood all your lessons!


Because to get there there are puzzles in mathematics, in French or in geography… but above all, you have to be smart! And if you can’t unlock a padlock, you give me a marble and you’ll get a clue 

We can play from the age of eight, from 1 to 3 players. The goal is to find the name and address of the owner of the “Mysterious Cartable” in less than 30 minutes.

So? Are you game ?