The Mysterious Cartables’ Collection

Initially I made one Mysterious Cartable, but I have other ideas. So I’m going to imagine a whole collection. For example, I think about:

  • The “C”: For Cartable (in French it means Schoolbag). It is the first one I created. It’s a schoolbag with padlocks, objects and it’s based on my fourth grade curriculum.
  • FuturiX: the schoolbag of the future: it’s a binder with strange electronic objects and gadgets.
  • Oh my dog! : It’s a schoolbag where everything is in English, because my school is bilingual.
  • KonfisKator: it’s a schoolbag to play with parents. Because parents also have to do their homework!
  • The Attic Genius:  it is an old schoolbag from ancient times, found in the attic of the grandparents during the holidays.